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May 22, 2020 08:04 pm    

I am a big fan of custom shower curtains . I love being able to select the fabric, create the design, and see it transform a bathroom.  A few reasons that you might want to consider having your next shower curtain custom made are:

You can repeat the same fabric on a window to extend the pattern around the room and give the space a "pulled together" look.  

The curtain can be lengthened to go from the ceiling to the floor, making a small room seem larger.

Tropical Bathroom design by San Diego Interior Designer James Patrick Walters
Since you can choose any length you desire you can even do a puddled hem. This is so chic in this eclectic bath. 

Eclectic Bathroom design by Other Metros Architect Zimina Inna

 You are able to add details such as valances, trims, borders, etc. to create a  very "finished" look.

Contemporary Bathroom design by Dallas Interior Designer Emily Johnston Larkin.

If you are decorating a bathroom in the near future you might want to consider investing in a customize shower curtain .  

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