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Mar 05, 2020 02:27 pm    

How to let the bathroom show the personal style incisively and vividly? Of course, private customization will be carried out to the end. Customized bathroom shower curtain, let bathroom also become a personal family style endorsement.

Customized shower curtains are available in different sizes to meet different needs. Creative custom shower curtain, give you a new bath experience. 4 shower curtain sizes, suitable for all kinds of bathroom design. You can choose personal photos and funny patterns to design creative shower curtains to make bathrooms more interesting, even if children who hate baths can't refuse personalized bathrooms.

How to design a Customized custom shower curtains?

Due to the rectangular design of small and medium-sized shower curtains, it is suitable to choose the pattern or photo of vertical design. If there is a large difference between the selected pattern and the length-width ratio of the shower curtain, you can choose to add a solid background for the picture. The large shower curtain is suitable for photos or patterns of longitudinal design and can be used for the large bathtub. In order to avoid the influence of the seam edge of the shower curtain on the printing, please keep the key part of the design away from the splash water area to ensure that the printing is completed.

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