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Started by on Jan 11, 2020 – Last touched: Jan 11, 2020

Jan 11, 2020 03:35 am    

2019 is over. To give a perfect ending to 2019 and give employees a chance to relax, team building is essential. A good team building activity needs to mobilize the employees' sense of corporate culture. Not only must we consider the goals, forms, and processes of team building, but even the style of corporate culture shirts need to be considered. In line with corporate culture, we must also meet the design aesthetics. 2020 is quietly coming, the Spring Festival is approaching, it is undoubtedly a good choice to relax the group construction at the end of the year, and customize an annual corporate t-shirt for employees.

Customized 2020 New Year T-shirts

When it comes to New Year's T-shirts, the first thing that comes to mind is "red", but it is difficult to wear red. When you wear it correctly, it is fashionable and high-end, and if you do n’t wear it well, it is the Northeast. To avoid excessive force, the key lies in the design of the cultural shirt. Is it to choose a large area of ​​red or to cleverly create a visual impact in the details?
A classic baseball uniform with red and black, it is easy to wear a fashionable and youthful feeling, creating a visual impact, and with a customized corporate culture logo, the fashion and handsomeness are also unique, adding a handsome heartbeat . Compared to bright red, dark red is more friendly to all skin colors and easier to match.

Customized 2020 New Year T-shirts

The taste of the year is indispensable to "blessing", and simply printing a large character on the clothes seems to have no sense of design. We can choose to embroider a small fortune on the basis of the company culture logo. The embroidery printed on the clothes is also a very Chinese style. A small blessing, the details of which create the finishing touch, but also reveals a full year.

Whether it is a large area of ​​red or a touch of the year in the details, as long as it is properly designed, it is a cultural shirt suitable for team building at the end of the year. It not only displays the corporate culture, but also has the theme of the Spring Festival.

Customized 2020 New Year T-shirts

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