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Feb 26, 2020 05:11 pm    

Every small object in the bathroom is the ornament of the whole space. The collocation of each element can reflect the individual character that gives a bathroom. The shower curtain is an indispensable thing in the bathroom. With the progress of modern life, the shower curtain has developed from its single function of splash-proof and grid blocking to today's personalized matching, which makes people feel cheerful when they enter the bathroom.

Blue fresh bubble ocean style custom shower curtains

Blue fresh ocean style custom shower curtains. Blue white alternant is a kind of color that defends bath decorates very mainstream, if it is this kind of style bathroom, it might as well match the bath shade of shallow blue style. Bubble design also can be regarded as a good choice, let a person feel bubble fluttering all over the sky, the artistic conception of the dream lets a person feel comfortable.

pastoral nature light green vines printed shower curtain

In addition, some people prefer to decorate the bathroom with a feeling of pastoral nature, so the light green printed shower curtain is the best choice. Green leaves climbing vines, around, the "vines" plucked away, the small "pond" came into view.

Color stripe national style printing shower curtain

In addition, among the young people who focus on individuality, they may choose some patterns that can show their individuality to match the decoration. A bathroom is a place for people to relax physically and mentally. No matter what kind of design, it is worth choosing as long as it can bring a good mood to people.

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