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Started by on Apr 14, 2020 – Last touched: Apr 14, 2020

Apr 14, 2020 02:30 pm    

Nowadays, mobile phones are updated very quickly, and every new phone will cause widespread concern. I have to admit that the mobile phones that have accompanied us through countless boring and lonely times have become very important in our lives. If you do n’t have a high-value custom mobile phone case every day, how can you match our fairy temperament?
Speaking of high-value custom mobile phone cases, the simple design, small style and fresh mobile phone cases on the ins always appear in my mind. A mobile phone case with marble elements like this is very attractive and has a Scandinavian style.

  The pink and pink phone case has magical power and can harvest the hearts of the little fairies! As long as a simple cartoon pattern is added to such a mobile phone case, it will look very cute and lively.

  The small and fresh style mobile phone case will give people a pleasing and refreshing feeling. Using such a mobile phone case, low-key yet elegant and intellectual temperament, is very suitable for the quiet little fairy.

The all-inclusive silicone soft shell has a good anti-drop effect and is very practical. Not only can it reveal the color of the phone body, but also add some sequins and quicksand design to make the phone's face value rub up

  1. Jueves implies a mobile phone case. The design of this wish mobile phone case is inspired by the Bible chapter: "Tearing seeds, you will enjoy the harvest with a smile". "Jueves" means a happy and relaxing day. The white shell body + English design style is simple and very literary.

  2. Beautiful girl cartoon mobile phone case. For many girls, Sailor Moon is not only a childhood memory, but also represents the heart of the young girl. Using this mobile phone case with a cartoon image of a beautiful girl, it seems that you are also a full-blown girl soldier.

  3. Flamingo quicksand silicone mobile phone case. This mobile phone case has changed the plastic texture of the ordinary hard state, using high-quality soft plastic material, which feels comfortable and has a great texture. In order to create the blingbling quicksand effect, specially imported natural essential oil imported from South Korea is non-toxic and harmless.

  4. Original minimalist marble mobile phone case. This mobile phone case is full of artistic atmosphere, the black and white marble pattern is natural and simple but not ordinary, the style is simple and elegant yet fashionable, and it has a high-level sense. The all-inclusive soft shell design can effectively protect the fuselage, and the anti-fall effect is very good.
  5. Cartoon cute illustration mobile phone case. The shell on white is like a piece of paper, showing the cute cartoon characters created by illustrator Jiah f, colorful and vivid. With such a mobile phone case, every time you take out the phone from the bag, it looks cute and individual.

  6. Alice transparent silicone mobile phone case. This mobile phone case adopts the image of Alice from fairy tales, which satisfies the heart of many little fairies. The softer silicone material can protect the fuselage from knocking, the frame is specially equipped with anti-fall airbags, and the camera is also protected.

  7. Embossed floral silicone phone case. The embossed flowers on the mobile phone shell are very eye-catching. Due to the delicate painting, the flowers appear three-dimensional and vivid. The bright colors match the black shell, which has a low-key elegance. This mobile phone case is a soft silicone case, which can protect the phone more comprehensively.

  8. Three-dimensional rose phone soft shell. This mobile phone case is very design, 3D three-dimensional roses blooming in the body, competing with each other, very image. The soft silicone texture feels good, and the all-inclusive design allows the phone to be protected in all directions. If you like flowers, don't miss it.

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