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Dec 29, 2019 10:57 pm    

In today's society, people want to reflect their personality no matter what they do. Mobile phone case customization is a form of showing individuality. The cost of mobile phone customization is very high. We often can see a certain local tyrant customized exclusive gold mobile phone on the Internet. These are not what we ordinary people can touch, but the customization of the mobile phone case is a way for our mobile phones to show a different appearance.
Mobile phone case lettering and mobile phone printing are essentially the same. Customizing your favorite text or pattern on the phone case is a very important part of personality display. Next, the customized editor of T Agency will introduce you in detail. Matters related to mobile phone case customization.

How to choose customized patterns, styles and craftsmanship for individual mobile phone cases?


  1. Personalized mobile phone shell pattern design
    DIY mobile phone case design is a very important part in the entire custom phone case customization process. A good custom phone case design can make a lot of color for a private custom phone case, and it can better reflect the fashion and uniqueness of a custom mobile phone case .
    2.The style and material of the mobile phone case lettering
    Personality DIY mobile phone case is actually a secondary design and development carried out on ordinary mobile phone cases. This means that the style and material of ordinary mobile phone cases as raw materials are also important. The effect of customizing the phone case affects.
    3.Custom crafting of personalized mobile phone case
    Design and production are two very important aspects in the customization of individual mobile phone cases. After knowing what needs to be paid attention to in terms of design, problems in production are before people's eyes. Although personalized mobile phone case customization now supports a variety of different manufacturing processes, different processes will directly affect the effect of personalized mobile phone case customization.

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