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How long is the preservation period of love? This answer depends on how much love and hard work you have for this relationship. The seven-year itch is our process from curiosity to understanding to boredom, so how to keep the freshness between couples is every A required course for couples, so how do you keep freshness between couples?

How to keep freshness between couples T-shirt creative pattern design

I. A sense of ceremony between couples
The sense of ritual is a certain ordinary day, but there is a surprise of gifts. On the anniversary, there is no expensive jewelry, no extravagant bags. Instead, he designed and customized the T-shirts that belong to you. Prepared candlelight dinner. It is from this that a new sense of tomorrow's surprise is born.
Second, the custom T-shirt freshness
The T-shirt is a basic model that will always be in the girls' wardrobe, and it is also affordable and good-looking. It can't help but chop the necessary models. A smart boy will choose to give a girl a customized T-shirt occasionally. The girls are afraid of hitting the shirt, so which T-shirt belongs to her alone. Which girl does not mind?

How to keep freshness between couples T-shirt creative pattern design

The custom pattern of the couple's T-shirt can be your illustrator picture , which is your state record at that moment. In cute illustration form, it is not arranged on the T-shirt but in the corner, waiting for your discovery and surprise. Such customized T-shirts are your creativity and your memories from pattern content and design to T-shirt bottom shirt selection and printing selection.

How to keep freshness between couples T-shirt creative pattern design

The custom pattern of a couple's T-shirt can also be a photo map of the two of you . The significance of the existence of the photo is to tell you the story behind time when it is flipped in your hands. Print beautiful you on custom T-shirts, and use the most creative form to record the good looks of each other.
It ’s easy for two people who do n’t know much to have freshness and excitement, but the gift itself is synonymous with surprise and unknown. Life needs peace of mind and solidity. Freshness is a regulator of life rather than a necessity. Sending a special custom T-shirt can add a bit of fun to a plain and peaceful life.
A couple's T-shirt print is the soul of a gift, so designing a T-shirt print is a real surprise to the other person, not a surprise. 

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