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When buying clothes, boys generally pursue simplicity and freshness, but they always have a bit of tricks in simple and refreshing, so when buying solid-colored clothes, always look at the pattern of the clothes, which also determines whether the boys want to buy This dress is an important factor, but no matter how you stroll around, it is always difficult to buy a T-shirt that suits your heart, so many people choose to customize their own clothes.
Although customized clothes are unique, the burst of inspiration is elusive, so I recommend a lot of trendy patterns to think about how to design prints when you customize short-sleeved T-shirts.

Trendy T-shirt printing pattern-punk style

How to print short-sleeved men's clothing, let the trendy T-shirt tell you!

Punk culture is "rebellious", a culture that is opposed to mainstream culture, full of wantonness and independence, full of life, full of street culture, vigorous creativity, and whimsical fusion. Punk gradually spread from a form of music to a culture, a street rebellion culture.
For everyone, even if they live according to the rules, there is always a "rebel factor" in their hearts, which is one of the reasons for punk popularity. The release of personality is very attractive for everyone, so using this rebellious personality as a T-shirt pattern is also a pattern that many boys like.
Trendy T-shirt printing pattern-Cyberpunk style

How to print short-sleeved men's clothing, let the trendy T-shirt tell you!

The basic meaning of punk is the disambiguation of low-end life and advanced technology. The two styles that are far apart collide to form a new culture, a dystopian form, a highly developed scientific civilization and small human beings. Individually, the huge contrast formed has become the cause of its popularity. Cyberpunk-style illustrations are increasingly appearing on custom T-shirt prints, which are very visually striking.
Trendy T-shirt printing pattern-national tide style

How to print short-sleeved men's clothing, let the trendy T-shirt tell you!

The national tide style is bold and rich in color fusion, like a splash of colorful oil paintings, blending the colors of Chinese style and street trend culture. Trendy forms meet Chinese colors? Chinese style patterns meet trendy clothing? These are different forms of national tide styles. The popularity of national tide styles has also led many people to chase such fashions, attracted by this rich and bold color, Custom T-shirts with the simplest and simple bottoms printed with the most gorgeous patterns are appropriate, but also increase the wearer's trendy temperament.
These kinds of styles are very popular fashion styles at the moment, and they are also very suitable for the trendy fashion boys' pattern designs. AJ must have a piece of clothes on his feet! So come and customize a cultural shirt with your own personality.

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