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Started by on Apr 28, 2020 – Last touched: Apr 28, 2020

Apr 28, 2020 02:42 pm    

The editor today gives Amway a new way of designing cultural shirts, which is to create in Morandi color, like being covered by a thin layer of gray Di Se. The design of the cultural shirt with such calm and soothing colors will make the entire cultural shirt pattern look more advanced.

Morandi color takes you into a new design of cultural shirts

The main feature of Morandi color is low saturation, which is to reduce the impact of color on human emotions, so that when we see these patterns, we can achieve a soothing and calm state.
This gray color tone is to affect your emotions to a minimum, giving you a sense of distance, it is a color of "desperation", the emotion and rhythm of looking at the picture are handed over to the other party, the better Scratch the hearts of the audience.

  1. Novel Culture Shirt Design-Moss Green
    Morandi color takes you into a new design of cultural shirts

The pattern of moss green has become a big hit this year. It is a color that has been fine-tuned from the classic military green and olive green of autumn and winter and Morandi's advanced gray. Using this color as a pattern for cultural shirts has greatly reduced the requirements for skin color. It is more flexible, and can be distinguished from many cultural shirt designs, and it is more novel.

  1. the new cultural shirt design-citrus orange

Compared with the low-key moss green, citrus orange is fresh and cheerful, and under the blessing of Morandi color, citrus orange is more like a gentle flame, eye-catching but not dazzling, as a cultural shirt, abandoning bright orange The sense of cheapness, and then using some hand-drawn patterns of citrus orange, is a pattern design that can be seen at a glance.

  1. the new cultural shirt design-smog purple

When it comes to purple, many people are unfamiliar. For everyone to wear, purple seems to be difficult to control, but the purple with the addition of high-grade gray has become the smog purple, which is formal but not exaggerated, and also reduces the difficulty of purple itself. The degree of control. This color with soft focus effect is inclusive, and it is no longer so difficult to match this color pattern. And the color of smog purple is not a hot color nowadays, and it is easier for novel designs to appear in the design of cultural shirts of this color.
The Morandi color system is very simple to change an ordinary pattern into a high level. The simplicity and purity exuded by Morandi color is a rare and valuable spirit for the fast-paced life of today, and it is used as a cultural shirt. Patterns can also add restraint and peace to the wearers of cultural shirts.
Use Morandi colors to design novel cultural shirts, so simple color changes can present a pattern with completely different temperament.

Morandi color takes you into a new design of cultural shirts
Morandi color takes you into a new design of cultural shirts

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