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Jan 16, 2020 07:09 pm    

In the era of looking at the face, everyone is a trendsetter. In this era of mobile phones, mobile phone case has become an indispensable part of human hands. In addition to protecting mobile phones, the mobile phone case is a decorative role.

For the same mobile phone, choosing a different mobile phone case to decorate our mobile phone shows your personality, which can bring you a return rate, and share cool and practical custom phone cases with you.

Illustrator apple phone case

Illustrator apple phone case for a series of designs, with a variety of different patterns design, different styles, very suitable for the pursuit of fashion and trendy friends. The back of the phone case is a beautiful illustration design, the above patterns are after professional technical processing. The inspiration for the illustration selection and design of the mobile phone case comes from life, and it can be felt to be some common scenery in life.

Black blue light jellyfish illustration creative Apple mobile phone case

Adidas Apple Case: Fashion printing originality

The style design of the mobile phone case is fashionable printing modeling, and the style aspect USES is beach style design. The art of the whole phone case really has nothing to say. Adidas's classic logo is located in the middle of the entire phone case, surrounded by blue flowers, looking beautiful. It's black, but the case looks fresh and textured. The mobile phone case after the hand is also more skin-friendly, there is no burr that is very comfortable.

Adidas logo pineapple holiday-style printed apple phone case

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