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The size of the house is limited, the bathroom can't make room to install the shower room. Then you want to keep the bathroom dry and want to cover and protect the privacy. The custom shower curtain is the best choice. At this time, the shower curtain becomes the bathroom. The most important decoration, in fact, although the shower curtain design is simple, but there are also many places to pay attention to, the following small series will tell you about the basic structure and materials of the shower curtain and the installation method of the shower curtain!

The custom shower curtain custom build dream illicit close space

First, what is the shower curtain?
To put it simply, the shower curtain is just a tarpaulin. To be used normally, it must be hung up with the shower curtain rod. It can be pulled apart when used, and it can be put away when not in use, without wasting valuable bathroom space. The shower curtain is generally made of plastic or nylon, and has a certain waterproof and windproof effect. Therefore, it is mainly used to prevent the splash of the shower from splashing outside the shower and to maintain a certain heat preservation effect.
Second, the basic structure and materials of the shower curtain
The shower curtain is generally divided into three parts: the curtain body, the shower curtain rod and the hook. There are also shower curtains that use a pattern that hangs directly from the ceiling, but this is not common.
Shower curtain rods come in a variety of materials, including wood, bamboo, plastic or alloy materials. The shower curtain rods are generally installed at different positions depending on the position and shape of the shower area, and the shapes are also different. The most common straight-type shower curtain rods are usually fixed to the opposite walls of the bathroom; semi-circular or semi-curved shower curtain rods are often used in shower areas for larger bathrooms.
In addition to traditional plastics and cloth, the new materials commonly used in today's curtains include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), environmentally friendly materials PEVA, wood curtains, bamboo curtains, nylon, pongee, satin, satin noodles. Silk, thick oxford, etc. And depending on the style of the bathroom, there are different designs and designs.

Third, the shower curtain installation method

  1. The shower area is best to have walls on three sides. More importantly, the shower curtain rods are placed on the walls at both ends with a “bulging rod”. What is the expansion rod? The "expansion rod" is a telescopic iron tube. After the two sides of the head, it is fixed by a screw. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the "expansion rod" is generally 20 kg, which can be used for bath towels, and the "expansion rod" can be displaced and replaced anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient;
  2. If the shower area has only two walls, the shower curtain rod can only be selected from the circular steel tube fixed on the wall. This fixed arc steel tube has a drawback because it is uneven due to uneven force. Loose.
  3. the natural stone retaining strip width generally has three sizes: 3 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm, 5 cm for small series; high generally has two sizes, 1 cm and 1.8 cm, 1.8 cm for small series; Some people like to install the water retaining strips. In fact, it is not necessary. The height of 1.8 cm is enough. If the water surface reaches 1.8 cm, the floor drain has not been drained. It is not a problem of water retaining strips, but a problem of floor drains.
  4. If the water-blocking strip is installed after the floor tile is installed, the glass glue that fixes the water-blocking strip needs 24 hours to be silicified. The responsible workers will advise you not to let the glass glue collect water within 48 hours. Psychological preparation for not taking a bath for two days.

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