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Started by on Jan 09, 2020 – Last touched: Jan 09, 2020

Jan 09, 2020 03:57 pm    

The topic "Transportation of Contemporary Youth Relies on Csutom Mobile Phone Cases" on Sina Weibo has gained over one million enthusiasm. This topic truly reflects the current anxiety and spiritual status of contemporary youth. Is it true that contemporary youth rely on the "mobile phone case" to make a comeback? I don't think this is a retrogression of thinking, but a means of self-regulation and self-consolation for contemporary youth when facing pressure.
When facing the problems of weight gain, difficult dating, unsuccessful studies, frustrated careers, and high economic pressure, contemporary young people tend to choose to buy some more auspicious mobile phone cases to “transit” themselves. The bright characters on the phone case "Rich wealth" and "successful" are a kind of confidence and comfort for people who are in the "water inverse" stage. Someone said on the line that this was a manifestation of young people's unrealistic false fantasies, and I disapproved. The so-called superstition means that people believe in things that don't actually exist and believe in worship blindly, but modern people don't put their hopes on the phone case wholeheartedly, but just make self-deprecation and do not violate the principles of science. There is a fundamental difference between the two.
Regarding whether the "custom transport mobile phone case" can really be transferred, users actually have their own rational judgment. But knowing that the purpose of "transportation" cannot be achieved by using a mobile phone case, why are young people keen to buy a "custom transportation phone case"? This is because through such a good color, young people can pin their own good wishes, relieve the pressure of their unsuccessful lives, and give themselves a confidence and encouragement.

"Transfer cusotm phone case" is not superstition but self-consolation for young people

First, the transfer of mobile phone cases gives people an incentive to "self-fulfilling prophecy." Similar to the previous hot "reposting koi" and "horoscope" behavior, people put their expectations on the mobile phone case, and the mobile phone case plays a role of "expectation effect", because with the blessing of the mobile phone case, people More willing to actively deal with related issues, so that it is easier to achieve the desired results.
"Transfer cusotm phone case" is not superstition but self-consolation for young people

Secondly, the choice of mobile phone case meets people's requirements for inertial force. The theory of inertia originated from French symbolism, and was first applied to the literary category, and was later introduced into the psychological field by Nietzsche and Freud. The symbolist belief is the other side of the ideal, because with a ardent expectation for one's own ideal, it is more likely to trust your choice and achieve results. The inertia selection refines the object of selection. According to the actual situation that people need, the mobile phone case provides people with the options of "rich wealth", "thin skinny" and "love love guard". In the case of desire breakdown, individuals Anxiety is more accurately targeted, and it can play a role in alleviating personal psychological stress.
"Transfer cusotm phone case" is not superstition but self-consolation for young people

Although the "transportation of mobile phone cases" does not bring unreal power to help people out of their predicaments, it has given contemporary young people a way to talk about masturbation, and gave them a confidence and encouragement to look forward to themselves. Blind and superstitious, trusting in unnatural forces is nonsense; self-deprecation and small confidence in one's life are absolutely necessary.

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