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Jan 16, 2020 04:37 pm    

With the development of society, the human intelligences we often face in life have gradually developed between enterprises. What companies want to send to customers has also become a headache for many companies. What you send must not be too expensive and expensive, after all, the cost must be considered. But it must not be too low-end and cheap. The gifts sent to a certain extent also represent the image of the enterprise. The cost must be controlled, and it must be meaningful, so that customers can remember that in addition to the products produced by the enterprise, only corporate customized gifts can be satisfied.

Custom gift handbag

There are many things you can choose from corporate custom gifts, ranging from keychains, mobile phone cases, and mugs, to custom mugs, travel bags, custom corporate t-shirts, custom canvas bags, and more. Practical? Custom corporate t-shirts , custom canvas bags , and custom mobile phone cases have become practical and meaningful corporate custom gift representatives.
First, corporate custom gifts-custom corporate t-shirts
Among all kinds of customized gifts for enterprises, the most popular and most representative of the corporate image and culture should be customized corporate t-shirts. Customized corporate culture shirt is not only a piece of clothing, but also a representative of corporate culture. In customizing corporate t-shirts, companies can choose to print their logos directly on corporate t-shirts, which is more intuitive, but not very practical for customers. Companies can use their slogans or related elements to re-create, which is both meaningful and creative, and can impress customers. When customizing corporate culture shirts, you should also pay attention to the choice of bottom shirts. It is best to choose a more versatile T-shirt style, and the fabric should also choose a comfortable and soft high-end fabric.

Gift custom t-shirts

Second, corporate custom gifts-custom canvas bags
In recent years, custom canvas bags have also quietly become the first choice for enterprises to customize gifts. The canvas bag has the characteristics of large capacity, casual and versatile, and wear-resistant, which is very suitable for the choice of corporate customized gifts. In addition, the canvas bag has a large area and a large customizable area. The custom pattern is not restricted and can be freely created.
Gift bespoke canvas bags


Third, corporate custom gifts-custom phone case
Mobile phones are an indispensable necessity for modern people. It can be said that we have the most daily contact items, so it is particularly important to protect mobile phones with such high frequency. If the protection of the mobile phone case is missing, if the mobile phone is accidentally dropped and the screen is broken, it will be a larger expenditure. Therefore, the practical significance of choosing customized mobile phone cases for corporate customized gifts is very great. Moreover, the design space for mobile phones is also very large and the cost is relatively low, but it is also very meaningful. Give the customized mobile phone case to the customer, and the customer can see it when using the mobile phone, which makes the company more impressed.

Gift custom phone case

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