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Started by on May 09, 2020 – Last touched: May 09, 2020

May 09, 2020 07:31 pm    

Corporate cultural shirts have become more and more popular, and many companies want to customize a cultural shirt for their employees to display the image of employees and show the company's style. Customized cultural shirts also pay attention, do you know? Do you know which styles to choose? Do you know the classification of cultural shirts ? 

  1. Common styles of cultural shirts-T-shirts
    T-shirts are not only versatile artifacts in daily life, they are very popular with everyone, and they are also very popular when customizing cultural shirts. First of all, it can be used on most occasions. You can see T-shirts in team building activities, company anniversary, and daily work. If you are a classmate with difficult choices, choosing a T-shirt as a cultural shirt for your company ’s employees will not go wrong in most cases.
    What styles of cultural shirts? How to classify?

  2. Common styles of cultural shirts-Polo shirts
    Polo shirts were originally called tennis shirts. They were originally worn by nobles when they played polo, probably because of comfort. They like to wear short-sleeved clothes with collars. Over time, it was called "polo shirt" (Polo shirt), and later it was widely loved by the public, so it evolved into general casual clothing. Polo shirts have a wider scope of application than T-shirts. Not only can you make your business full when you are at work, but you can also go directly to the pub with friends to reminisce about old times after work, and have fun with your children.
    What styles of cultural shirts? How to classify?


  1. Autumn and winter styles-sweaters
    When it comes to t-shirts, everyone thinks about summer, but t-shirts for autumn and winter are also indispensable. If you want to customize the autumn and winter cultural shirts, the sweater is the most suitable. In addition to sweaters, it is also a good choice to choose baseball uniforms and zipper hoodies in autumn and winter.
    What styles of cultural shirts? How to classify?

After reading this, do you know what styles and categories of cultural shirts? The classification of cultural shirts can not only be classified according to the above styles, but also according to the scenes used, such as daily work clothes, group construction clothing, etc.

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