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Will custom cotton T-shirts shrink?
When customizing cotton T-shirts , cotton fibers are generally used, and cotton fibers have a strong water absorption. When they absorb water, they will swell the cotton fibers, which will cause the cotton yarn to shrink and deform, so the cotton T-shirt will shrink The shrinkage rate is about 2% to 5%. During the customization process, we consider the characteristics of the cotton material, and the final cotton T-shirt will not affect the normal wearing. Of course, there are some products that are specially processed according to production requirements. This type of cotton T-shirt has been treated with alkaline when it is not woven into a cloth. Instructions for normal washing will not cause problems.

How to clean a cotton custom T-shirt?

  1. Wash with cold water
    Pure cotton T-shirts will shrink with hot water washing, so be sure to wash them with cold water, and do not pull hard, which will easily cause clothes to deform. Also don't use a dryer to dry, it is better to air dry. The main feature of cotton clothing is comfortable wearing. Breathable. Sweat. Harmless to the human body. Cotton dyeing performance is better, and colored cotton T-shirts, it will back up a bit, darker colors are more obvious, should be separated from other clothes when washing.
  2. Don't soak for a long time
    When washing, first adjust the cotton detergent and solution evenly, and then soak the clothes. Summer clothes are relatively thin, and the wrinkle resistance of pure cotton is not very good. The best water temperature is usually 30 ° -35 ° C, which can be soaked for a few minutes, but it should not be too long. After washing, it should not be wrung out, cool in a ventilated and cool place, and do not expose to sunlight to avoid discoloration.
    3.Use acid detergent
    Pure cotton T-shirts are not resistant to alkali. It is recommended to use acidic detergents to neutralize them. It would be better if you use a special cotton detergent. In addition, summer clothes must be washed and changed frequently so that sweat does not remain on the clothes for too long. When washing, it is best to use a washing liquid to wash, because the solid detergent is difficult to dissolve, and the detergent that has not been completely dissolved will damage the shape of the cotton clothes and cause it to deform.
    4.Avoid scrubbing hard
    Most cotton T-shirts have a single collar, which is relatively thin. Avoid brushing and scrubbing hard when washing, and arrange the body and collar when drying. Avoid warping. The collar of the clothes should not be scrubbed horizontally. After washing, do not wring and dry directly. Do not expose to the sun and do not expose to high temperatures.

Pure cotton custom T-shirt washing method:

  1. Custom cotton T-shirts can be machine-washed or hand-washed, but because of the poor elasticity of the fiber, it is best to wash lightly or not to knead vigorously when washing.
  2. When cleaning, first fold out the inner layer of cotton clothes, soak it in warm water below 40 ℃, and then perform hand washing. It is important to note that you should not use too strong alkaline laundry to wash cotton clothes to prevent damage.
  3. When cleaning, remember to wash dark-colored cotton fabrics and light-colored cotton fabrics separately to avoid color mixing.
  4. Except for white cotton fabrics, other colors shirts are best not to use detergents or washing powder containing bleaching ingredients. To avoid discoloration, do not drop the washing powder directly on the cotton fabric to avoid partial discoloration.
Will custom cotton T-shirts shrink?

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