Digital Art Prints has two definitions.The first definition refers to original prints.Digital Art Prins, or digital Art Prins, digital Art Prins, computer Art Prins, computer Art Prins.Is the use of high-tech digital technology in the traditional print modeling vocabulary through the computer conversion into material ink point, and then through the output platform printed out of a certain number of original prints of the original art.This is a new and more controversial type of Art Prins.But many international print exhibitions have accepted digital prints and awarded prizes to excellent digital prints.And the combination of digital technology and traditional printing has brought new vitality to Art Prins art.The second definition is copying the original.Relying on the modern high-tech stereo scanner with more than 1 billion pixels, the original works are scanned under the authorized supervision of the museum, and the original works are reproduced with high degree of authenticity through micro-jet output.Internationally known as digital prints or digital prints.Its biggest characteristic is the 100% fidelity to the original, according to 1:1 ratio of the reproduction of art itself.Protect the work of art (art for historical reasons need specific maintenance environment), original works of art are mostly stored in the basement, now the world's four big famous museums like the Louvre museum in Paris, France, the British museum in London, New York's metropolitan museum, Russia tower assorted museum Amy daily on display are all already use digital print instead of the original works.